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ridiculousnessss uh ohhh

soooooo this semester is finally coming to a close! CANNOT WAIIIIT! this break is much needed and is sounding fun thus far....

San diego friday with Brent :) ... dancing and zooooooo! Sooo Sited!
Surgery Monday :( not so sited for that UGHH ... 2 week soft diet shall be grand tho!
Hard New Year's Eve!!!!!
Vegassssssss twiceish in Januaray :D Gonna reunite with Karlykinz <3

New Year! Growing up and growing apart. Not negative just a break from people and stress and time for me :)

Going to learn to be a better problem solver. Def done with the people pleasing. Gonna make big strides.

Break and Change. It happens and we can all reconnect later. I have to find myself in the meantime. I can't let this stress me out ... it is not my fault ... we are all just different now.

My continuous cycle will hopefully be breaking :D

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