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I feel so accomplished ... now i just need a JAYohhBEE eek!!

This weekend went ridiculously awesome <3
I am so blessed to be surrounded by amazing people and to be given such an amazing opportunity in life. Slowly but surely all the pieces seem to be fitting together ... i feel the jinxing setting in haha ... now the jobbers just needs to fall into place next :)

I have not felt this happy in a long time and a lot of it is thanks to meeeeeeee HAHA oh goodness silly but true ... i really freaking did it. Now everything will amplify it. I dont know why i havent let that settle in sooner but something feels so right finally and with soooo many things.

THE HUNT IS ONNNNNN and so is some fun in the meantime :) woohoo class of 2010 AMAAAAAZING!
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