hurry hang on for dear life (stitutepro) wrote,
hurry hang on for dear life


JINXed Indeed.

Jobless and in a full on rut.

Lot's of reading and writing things out to get a better hold of myself.

Slowly making progress but no where near where i would like to be. I keep relying on others to help me, but unless i get there on my own it won't stick. Depending on others just gives me a wasted place to put my blame. It really all boils down to just me.

Me Me Me. Why is that so hard?
If I cant get what I want for myself noone else will be able to either.

SIGHHHHH. Things were looking up. I have to stop dwelling on the decline.

I am going to get out of this and be HAPPY with me and all thats around me.
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