hurry hang on for dear life (stitutepro) wrote,
hurry hang on for dear life


The tail end of 10 was interesting! Jobbersssssss! and no more booooze.

TwentyEleven thooooooo has been way more interesting.
Moved the eff out! Looooving being on my own <3 it is exactly what I needed :p AWESOME BLUE WALL ten mins away from work 3 mins from Brent's feeling more comfy down here just have to hang out with friends down here more :) once i stop being a sickie i will start that up!

So life is pretty magical right now <3 just trying to stay on the positive side

Gonna apply to hospitals again soon! ANother change wouldn't hurt.

Not drinking has made life a lot better annnnd i dont miss it much ... funny how that worked out.

Off to a good start this year Hollaaaaaaa.
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