hurry hang on for dear life (stitutepro) wrote,
hurry hang on for dear life


and we meet again ...

TwentyTwelve finally pulling through in the end.

This year has been a ridiculously huge wake up call.
Moving in.Losing my job.Breaking up.Moving Home.Starting Over.

I am learning so much about myself and my boundaries and limits and self limitations and improvements and potential.
2012 has hopefully been my rock bottom. I am ready to go up from here and I am slowly taking the steps to make that happen.

People change and I can be included. Change doesn't have to be bad. Change is the perfect solution at the moment. Things can't keep going the way they have been.
The definition of INSANITY.
I am making progress and I still have a long way to go, but I am definitely heading in the right direction. If I hit another roadblock or bump, I'll still be on the right track. I am on my own, paving my way.

I don't need a boyfriend or my parents support. I need to focus on myself and make decisions on what is going to make me happy. No one else is looking out for me as much as they say they are. I have to look out for number one because at the end of the day I am all that I have left.

Friends come and go. Boyfriends come and go. I am here for the entire journey, I better start enjoying it.
I need to surround myself with better quality people and not worry about quantity.

I have a new job and X-Ray will come back into the picture.
Restructuring and taking a break to INVENTORY my life.
This is all positive and shaping and healthy.

The grieving process is on its way and huge changes and going against the plan is fine. I am going to be okay.

I am proud I have gotten myself to this point and it hasn't been easy and it will continue not to be. I am thankful for my support system and I plan to ween myself off of them for that. January has been my timeframe so this is fine.

I am handling all of this and growing into my own person and embracing this journey.

Thankful its almost 2013 and excited for whats to come. Finding my strength.
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