hurry hang on for dear life (stitutepro) wrote,
hurry hang on for dear life

where does the time go?

time is just flying by..
it's insanely weird and i am struggling, of course

i feel like i have been so many versions of myself and i don't know how to transition to the next one..
I've grown so much, yet not at all. I'm growing out of so many friendships and I feel like my past is a sham, I am so awkward and confused. I am not coping with any of this. Life is so difficult and I feel like I am sabotaging my own happiness. Happiness seems unattainable but I need to change my mindset.

It's all in my head! Fake it till I feel it. Mind over matter. Timing is everything AND everything happens for a reason.

I need to get over instant gratification because it never ends up being worth it.
I need to focus on patience and staying in the moment.
The future and the past seem to be holding me down.
i want to disappear and gain independence.
i feel like i am bringing everyone down and making life worse.
i don't know how to handle anything.

POSITIVITY.. i need to change my thoughts..

New job.. strictly x-ray finally, saving money, moving out again seems to become more and more feasible.. Everything is a slow process and I need to comprehend that!

Relationship struggles, need to back off focus on myself and make concrete changes that will be most beneficial for myself. I need to support myself. I need to be patient. I need to be productive. I need to find me.

I need to find me.

I cannot handle other people. It is getting harder as the years go by.
I don't have faith in people .. I need to put faith in myself.

The struggle is real. Sorry not sorry. Fresh air don't care.

Fuck it Fuck off

I have to be okay and overcome my own personal negativity.
I will grow no matter what. I am okay.
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